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Prospectief Onderzoek Maatschappelijke Opvang en Beschermd Wonen


14 mei 2020
09:00 - 19:00
Utrecht University Hall, Domplein 29, Utrecht

Stream on Social Work and Homelessness during ESPAnet NL-VL Farewell conference prof. dr. Trudie Knijn

Farewell conference Trudy Knijn
On the 14th of May a special ESPAnet NL-VL conference  will be held as a farewell to prof. dr. Trudy Knijn. The theme and aim for the conference will be to explore justice claims in social policy and social work in the Low Countries, and especially how to wed the ‘majoritarian’ claims to justice with the justice claims of vulnerable populations. Three workshops, each with three parallel sessions will be held during this one-day conference. The conference program and information about each session can be found here: http://www.espanetnederland.org/justice-in-social-policy-and-social-work-in-the-low-countries/

Parallel Stream on Social Work and Homelessness
During this day Nienke Boesveldt, together with fellow researcher Lia van Doorn will host a stream on Social Work and Homelessness. The Session focuses on persons with an extreme housing need, also referred to as homeless persons, whilst the reasons for being so tend to be related to other areas such as being discharged from institutionalized care (youth-, health- or mental health-), prison or being evicted from housing.  This results in persons being referred to as rough-sleepers, beggars, regulars at private charities providing temporary shelter or housing, which is a situation that risks being permanent since large proportions (50 to 80%) relapsing into this situation repeatedly – the situations these persons find themselves in constitute a (moral) challenge to the welfare state by exposing its ineffectiveness in providing an appropriate safety net and/or enhancing social inclusion of all.

Extensive information on the specific questions to be explored during the session can be found here.

Submitting abstracts
Interested researchers are welcome to submit an abstract to the session of their choice. The participants for the nine sessions will be selected on the basis of how well the proposed paper contributes to the session and the quality of their abstract. Researchers (junior and senior scholars, PhD candidates, including researchers from various disciplines (social and political sciences, law, economics, public administration and social work) and from research universities, universities of applied sciences and/or research institutes are welcome to submit.

Abstracts of 400-500 words can be submitted to Marianne Geelhoed (ESPAnet-NL-VL2020@uu.nl) by no later than Friday, December 6th.